Friday, July 28, 2006

Dubai and the web 2.0

It's not easy to follow the web 2.0 and Social Bookmarking from dubai. Lot os websites are blocked.

Here is a quick list:

Skype (and loads of VOIP sites)

This is really amazing, three days ago, I downloaded some video of Aikido and Silat for my Self Defense Program Blog, and I was about to add more and more videos, including UFC, and others but guess what? Yesterday I tape Youtube in my browser, and voila: Site blocked!

So I am trying to stay up to date, but without skype and other new services, it's difficult.

What really ennoy me if the absence of VOIP, but happily, I can call with MSN messenger voice feature!

I don't even know what myspace homepage is. I hope I will have access soon.


Technorati Mini

I've just find a new feature in technorati: Technorati Mini
You will get a mini pop up window updated every minutes about your favorite subject or any URL of your choice.
View constantly updated "conversation" in a mini window on your desktop.

It's a very interesting feature to stay at the top, and it's good for bloggers, because you can have tons of informations about your subject right on your desktop.

I am interested in montessori education, and I will monitor that from my technorati mini, and I hope to learn more about montessori and how that kind of education can benefit children.

It's hard to stop blogging, and the web 2.0 make that even more difficult. Beware of becoming Web 2.0 addicted.