Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Traffic to Your Website with RSS and Syndication

If you have website, and you don't have enough traffic, you may consider RSS Feeds.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Real Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary".

When I post on this blog, or my other blogs, I immediately inform other sites that my blog has been updated. They will receive my latest headline and a summary of my last entry, or the full entry.

The files that publish the RSS feed are in XML (widely accepted standard).
Fore example, the feed for this blog is . I changed this original feed given by blogger to feed, and it is now:

For me, RSS Feeds is important, because it allows my readers and other websites to get my last content instantly.

For you, the reader, you just need to look at the headline in your RSS reeder (also called aggregator), and if the headline is interesting for you, you just click to visit this website!

Did you get the idea?

It is a huge time saver for you, the reader: you do not need to visit each website or blog that you like to read or bookmarked in order to see if the webmaster updated the site.

You just look at your reader, and in less than 20 second, you see all of your prefered sites and decide which one is worth visiting today.

You save a lot of time like that. I know how it is overwhelming to go through all your bookmark, and find for your site, then, see where is the new content. It can take hours, and it is the reason why nobody is doing that anymore.

Have a quick look at your RSS reader, and that's it: You instantly know what's new at your prefered websites.

Important: you choose the sites that will be displayed in your reader, and noone else.

If you are just starting, you can use (like I do) Yahoo RSS Reader. It's really simple to use.

With the RSS technology, you have the most of the web and your prefered websites. You don't want to miss something new, or an important and time sensitive information in your market, or hobbies!

Another famous place to create your for feeds is Bloglines.

Don't worry, RSS and XML can scare someone like it did to me in the beginning, but it is simple.

The Blogger community use feeds everyday, but you don't need to start blogging to benefit of the feeds if you have a business. you can also display feeds on your website.

P.S: Don't forget to ad my bog to your reader.
You can also read in, in the Faq section:


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