Thursday, April 27, 2006

RSS Feeds Day 5: Technorati

Today, I am going deeply in the help section, and I just found the benefits of a membership with them. They call that claim your blog. In other words, register.

Membership and Blog Claiming

As a member, you can save your frequent searches in your Watchlist, claim your blog, upload your photo, add a description, and participate in Blog Finder. You'll also get your very own profile page, cool tools for your blog, and lots more!

Claiming your blog allows you to add your name, photo and description, list it in up to 20 categories in Blog Finder, and get cool tools for your blog.

# 1: I take the Quik tour.

Now, I will take their quick tour to have an overview, and I will come back to each important point after that.

There is only 3 pages, it's really fast, and very helpful. You got a very clear explanation of how technorati works:

"When you search Technorati, we show you what millions of real people are saying, right now, about what you are searching for."

What is really cool is that you can save your frequent searches in a Watchlist, so you have a easy way to see what's new with the stuff you care about.

# 2: In My account

There is a lot of interesting resources, like watchlist( add blogs to your watch list), Favorites ( your favorites blogs), and others. Nothing difficult, you will discover yourself.

Now I will talk about my account:
I see my blog and its ranking: 1,182,385. I have to work to give it a higher ranking, I don't know how yet, but I got to do it.

Wow, when I clicked on this number, I found to other blogs linking to my blogs! (well, the 2 blogs are mine actually...).
So you can also track who is linking to you! I like this feature, you also see which post is linking to you, and you can just click on the site title to view it.

# 3:
Claiming your blog

Fron your account, you can also claim other blog(s), I will claim my 3 other blogs now:
MakeMoneyonline Blog
Forex for Beginners Blog
PositiveAttitude4life Blog

I will let you know what hapened...

Franck A.
Go and register your blog now: