Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Marlon Sander's Video Blogging

I just discovered what is called video blogs(also called vblogs or vlogs). What is amazing is that thousands of people now are downloading and watching those video blogs on their PSP's, PDA's, cellular phones, and laptops.

Almost everybody now has his own his IPOD, and is able to watch those video blogs. I dowloaded itunes, but I am not using it that much, I don't have time, but I think I will get into it soon.

It's easy to make your own video blog, when you know how. I found a nice website, and Marlon Sanders explain how you can profit from your blog, video... and IPOD.

Marlon Sanders is a well known and reputed marketers. You can visit his "How To Video Blog" website here: Marlon Sanders Video Blog