Tuesday, April 25, 2006

RSS Feeds Day 4: Technorati

Hello Bloggers and RSS addicted,

I am sorry, I didn't post since 6 days! I got to be more regular with my posts. I will try to post everyday now.

First of all, here is a Very Useful Link if you don't have a clue on what is RSS, feeds, Atom... : Awesome RSS Tutorial

You will find a lot of resources for your blog here: www.faganfinder.com/blogs/

Today I will study www.technorati.com, because I subscribed there, and with my Sitemeter infos, I jumped from 0 to more than 50 visitors a week to this blog. I think that this amount of traffic is mostly due to technocrati and their system of tag and latest post.

I just checked the Alexa Rank, and it is 577. An excellent Ranking. Actually, the world excellent doesn't fit, as it is much more than that...
Why I am telling you about the Alexa Rank of Technocrati? The Answer is simple: You must get your Blog in this website to skyrocket your traffic.

Let me explain the whole process of this valuable site:

First, when you land on the home page for the first time, you are lost!

What I did:

#1: I tape my website name in the case, but it did not find it, and asked me to add this blog to my watch list. This is the exact message I got: "Sorry, there are no links to: PositiveAttitude4life.com/blog" ( another blog of mine).

#2: I am tring to figure out what the heck is this website for? After 2 minutes, finally I found!
Technorati's Goal I to let you search, explore the blogsphere, read the hottest and latest post from Blogs all around the world on any topic!

#3: After knowing that, I felt much better, but I was still lost, so I decided to click on HEEEEELP...

I found the help page very friendly, and I understood the whole thing about technorati:

Technorati is the authority on what is happening on the real-time web. To find out what people are saying about any subject or website, just enter some text or a website address (URL) in the search box and and click the "Search" button.

#4: I clicked then on the "Blogging Basics", and I found even more information ( beside the what's a Blog, and other basics):

What is Technorati?
Technorati is the leading monitor of the world of weblogs. Technorati is a real-time search engine that is the largest source of fresh information about the global and local conversations going on all across the Web. Technorati allows you to find out what people are saying about you, your company, your products, your competitors, your politics and, other areas of interest, on the Internet in real time.

Now I have the whole picture about what is Technorati, and I think that after 1 week, I will almost know everything about it, and profit a maximum from technorati's feature...

Franck A. Blogger.
Until then...

P.S:I received amessage today, saying that Blog Explosion has just been sold for a lot of money...