Saturday, April 15, 2006



I am in trouble these days, My computer is crashing every 5 minutes, I am just trying to save my important files and documents...
Today I am going to leave it for repairing.

About feeds, I am making some progress.
This is what I am doing now step by step:

# 1: I burned my feed at .

# 2: In feedurner, in publicize, I activated 'Pingshot'. It is an automatic ping service. It's Excellent, I tested it, and It notify yahoo without me having to do anything.

This is how it works: Feedburner will verify your blog every 30 minutes to see if you updated the content, and , PingShot automatically notifies directories and aggregators when you publish new content in your feed So you don't have to do it manually.
Notfies services lke pingomatic and others...

# 3: I signed up with, a very good service for your blog, you can search blogs according to keywords(example: business, kitchen, Dogs...), and you can see which blog was newly updated on one or more of your favorite subjects.
You have a lot of friendly feature. I like this service, and I am going to sign in after I finish writing.
The first day I signed it, I already got some visitors to my Blog!

# 4: This is the tool which let me know thee visitors I had from technocrati; you can get it at . A very efficient tool.
You will know:

* Who visited your blog
* His country
* At wich time he visited
* How many time he stayed on your blog
* how many pages he saw
* from which url he came
* from which page he left your blog
* and lots more...

This is all for today.

I was about to forget: I have just created 2 new blogs ith WordPress:

The Blogger.