Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Secrets Revealed

I am happy to have you on my blog.
I was away, working on my new project, and trying to organize myself, I will tall about that in the next post:
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Fact is I was in my mini home refuge, I closed my mobile, and I have been surfing/roaming on the web the entire month, until I found what I ws searching for, and I am now progressing faster than I could imagine that possible 2 months before...

The first Secret I want to share with you is what I learned with Dave Vallieres:
1 - Fail as fast as you can.
2 - To succeed you must define your working time.


1 - Before making big bucks on the web, you will loose. Yes, you will loose time, money( a lot, or less if you are smart), you will loose on your sleeping time...

So what you got to do is to fail fast, so you progress as a result as your mistakes.
Don't be afraid to fail, just go on. Release crap, and get it better and better, KAIZEN(Japanes word = get it better and better) it.

2 - If you are a home worker, you need a certain discipline, don't listen to what people say about working only 1 hour or 10 mn everyday, and you will make a fortune online...
Stop. The online world and offline learn or not so different:
To Succeed, The Secret is learning, then do; do then learn to do it even better...

Also, you must try to fix a program, and stick to it. It is really difficult, because you don't have a Boss to tell you what to do and when to do it.

What you can do then?
Imagine a Virtual Boss, Like Dave said, he is working from 8am to 4pm, with his imaginary boss...

Until next time...