Friday, May 05, 2006

Blog Burst Syndication: Day 1

Today I will review BlogBurst, a new syndication service which just launched on May 2, 2006. It has been on pre launch since sometimes already, and I read some positive comments about it...

1)What is it?

You get this info Directly on their home page: "Increase your reach, visibility and readership by making your blog available to our network of leading publishers"

"What is BlogBurst?

BlogBurst is a syndication service that places your blog content on top-tier online destinations. You get visibility, audience reach and increased traffic"

It seems to be their main subject. Their home page is a call to action, what a prompt invitation. I will put my URL in the box, and I will start with them, and see what I am able to do.

At the first glance, it seems to be a great service, and I will register after reading more infos.

Very interesting. By adding your blog to Blogburst (they must approve first), you will be exposed to a lot of good quality publishers. Those publishers will be able to put your feed on their sites, streaming directly from BlogBurst.

The Feed is fully customizable, and it will look like an article of the publisher's site!

When someone is interested by the Post headline(There is 4 lines below the headline)and clicks on it(Your Feed), he clicks, and go directly to the blog.
If you want to see that directly, here is the link: See How it looks

So I wil register now and wait for their approval...

Untill then, take care,
Franck Blogger.
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