Sunday, May 14, 2006

RSS Blog Explosion: Last Day

I didn't post since 4 days. It's been a while. But I have an excuse: I was writing my first Ebook, and it's finished now.
If you want more infos on the Ebook, you can get it here:Debt Consolidation Ebook

Let's come back to Blog Explosion. Ah I was about to forget; my demand to be accepted at Blogburst has been rejected. I think that my blog is too young. They did not give me the reason, but I can only see that one. I will try again after a couple of months to see...

Anyway, I told you that I will tell you more about blog Explosion and the Rent a Blog feature:

Rent My Blog
is where BlogExplosion members can rent ad space on other member blogs for credits (traffic) in an exciting open-market exchange format.

It is good is you want more exposure for your blog, but the problem is that you got to surf, and it can take a lot of your time.

There is also a lot of games at blogexplosion, you can chat with other bloggers too. There is a feature that I want to see right now: The Battle of The Blogs. You can see how it works directly

Last, they are offering a Free RSS reader to download right on the main page, and they also have a podcast directory. I will be talking about podcast soon...

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