Saturday, May 06, 2006

Blog Explosion: New Management Survey

As I can't continue with my BlogBurst review today, Let's talk about Blog Explosion. I registered with them one month ago, but the blog was a money making blog, so they rejected that blog!

Now, as I told you in a previous post, you know that Blog Explosion has been sold for a lot of money, and that a new management, composed of stephen Sartain and Lewis Johnston is there.

I am just taking their survey, it should be short( 3 mn) as stephen said.
As said, it was very short. (compare to some other surveys).

They just want to know who we are, and I think it is a nice thing, as it is Bloggers who make this service big.

They promised to ad a lot of feature like the latest one: Blog Experts.

Franck Blogger.
Give it a try.

BlogBurst Syndication Day 2: No Answer

I've just checked my email, and I Blogburst still didn't contact me. I think i will have to wait for another day. They said that it was only by invitation. I hope I will be accepted.