Tuesday, May 02, 2006

RSS Ebook recommanded by John Reese

I found an excellent blog yesterday, the name is Problogger. I added it in my yahoo reader, and you should do that too. It is owned by an australian guy, he is in the Top 100's technorati blogs, and itr was on the first page at yahoo. I don't remember for which keyword. anyway... He is really an example for bloggers, I just looked in my yahoo, and he already made 3 new posts after a few hours.I will talk about it soon.

* I just want you to know that I've just found an ebook that John Reese recommanded in his famous and excellent John Reese report.
If you don't know John Reese, I guess you don't know what is Internet Marketing...
Just type in Google, and you will know more than enough.
He is the guy who made $1,800,000.00 on Internet in one day! He really know what he is doing.
I call him the Teacher of all Internet Marketer.
Let's come back to RSS. I came accross that as I was reading his newsletter for the second time ( The first time I didn't understand really what was RSS... But know I feel much better.)

The Book's name is Unleash The Marketing and Publishing Power of RSS

You can see a good tutorial about RSS at the website (I don't advise you to buy the book, as it may be out of date). Just read the tutorial: http://rss.marketingstudies.net/index.html

I must warn you that although it seems to be an intersting book, I did not buy it myself and I can't give you a review rigth now.
The book is more than 1 year old.
If someone used and had some benefits with this book, I will be more than happy to read your comments.

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