Friday, July 28, 2006

Dubai and the web 2.0

It's not easy to follow the web 2.0 and Social Bookmarking from dubai. Lot os websites are blocked.

Here is a quick list:

Skype (and loads of VOIP sites)

This is really amazing, three days ago, I downloaded some video of Aikido and Silat for my Self Defense Program Blog, and I was about to add more and more videos, including UFC, and others but guess what? Yesterday I tape Youtube in my browser, and voila: Site blocked!

So I am trying to stay up to date, but without skype and other new services, it's difficult.

What really ennoy me if the absence of VOIP, but happily, I can call with MSN messenger voice feature!

I don't even know what myspace homepage is. I hope I will have access soon.



At 4:59 PM, Anonymous zahid said...

I grew up in dubai, i know how you feel, i m very much into web 2.0 and all the new technologies and ofcourse, myspace is the best.

I am glad i m not in dubai anymore and don't even plan on moving there even though my entire family is in dubai.

I have a social networking website too myself and lot of my members from dubai can't view youtube videos on the site and its painful.


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