Monday, July 24, 2006

Pingomatic VS Pingoat: Solution

Pingomatic is getting harder and harder to ping. I may have the solution. I found on one of my favorite forums that every wordpress blogs are configured to ping pingomatic by default.

That's a lot of blog, really. That's why there is delay sometimes when you ping pingomatic.

My Solution is to ping Pingoat instead. It works very well. You may get a message which says that your site is black listed, but don't worry, it is only a feature to fight against spammers. You don't like Spam right?

Another solution, if you have a wordpress blog is to add that list in your wordpress control panel and add that list - given by Paul Short - to your automatic pinging list:

Paul Short weeded out that list of the services that don't respond or aren't working any more. You got only the ones that actually send traffic or respond when pinged manually:

Paul Short said "It'll slow down posting, but at least you're not relying on an unreliable third party service to ping for you."

If you know more good services, just leave a comment, and I will add it to the list.



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