Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Digg: New Story Tutorial

Digg is a Social Bookmaking Site for all subject and categories!

I want to make a rectification to one of my previous posts, in which I said that Digg was a technology Social Bookmarking Site. It is not true.

So far what I've done?

As I was surfing these days, and saw that Digg was very popular on the net, I decide to come back and find more.

I've just added my last post on my money online blog: Tag & Ping Tutorial Part 3

I just Added the Title of my story (Page or Blog post), then I added a little description for my new entry.

There is a small touring number verification code before submitting.
(This one is OK, some time, the Touring number is so difficult to understand...)

I will monitor, and let you know how my web 2.0 traffic is going on.

Digg Interesting Feature:

They have a Blog this which is pretty good: you need to enter your blog setting and you will be able to post a story that you find intersting to your blog with only a click.

Until then...



At 4:15 AM, Blogger Falkor said...


I host a blog that is surff.blogspot.com. I write mainly on the issue that fascinate me, mainly about financial markets and economics. i would like to use the social bookmarking sites to improve my 'hits' and increase my adsense revenues. Please share your ideas on how you thisis possible. I am ready to experiment on various things, just started working on it :)


At 2:07 PM, Blogger Administrator said...

Hi falkor,

I started a tutorial on another of my Blogs. You may find useful informations there:

Adsense and Social Bookmarking


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