Friday, June 16, 2006

Social Bookmarking: Flickr & Digg

Still more traffic comingfrom Blinklist.

I just tried to register with Flickr, but from Dubai the site is blocked, so there is no way I can register with them.

I just registered with Digg, and I hope I will get some traffic from there.

In Digg, I did not find the same feature as Blinklist which allow you to import your existing Bookmark from Del.ici.ous. That feature was great.

I wanted to add My Digg Infos into Onlywire, so I can send my 'Story' directly to digg, but unfortunately, Digg is not featured in Onlywire.

I will have to do it manually until I find a new solution.

Stop! Digg is a technology news website. I just found that while I was trying to submit a new story. It is not a general Social Bookmarking site.

As I am not in The Tech world for now, I will stay away from DIgg for a while.

It's 2 websites for today: Flickr and Digg.

I hope tomorrow will be better...



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