Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Technorati New Style

I didn't log into my technorati account for 2 days,cause I am on several projects, and I try to stay focused... Even my cellular is off.

When I logged in, what a surprise, Technorati has a totally new look. This one is ok, but for now, I was doing well with the old design.

After 5 minutes, I checked all the features, and I couldn't find: "Who's blogging about 'tag'". However, I think I was able to find what I was searching for easily before.

It seems to be harder know. It may be only a false impression.

I will see over the time, but I think the new design is better; it seems more like the other social bookmarkong websites now.

I thought that they added a bunch of new features, but right now I don't see the changes except the design. I hope that our blogging life will be easier.



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