Saturday, April 29, 2006

RSS, XML Day 6: Technorati claim and search.

Today I will give you the results for the claiming of my 3 websites:

MakeMoneyonline Blog
Forex for Beginners Blog
PositiveAttitude4life Blog

This is what I can see in my account(without the graphics):

» Your Blogs

You've claimed 4 blogs. View & Edit Blog All Blog Info »

Configure BlogDelete Claim

Rank: 1,183,646 (0 links from 0 sites)
Configure BlogDelete Claim

Rank: 1,183,646 (0 links from 0 sites)
Make Money online
Configure BlogDelete Claim

Rank: 895,565 (2 links from 2 sites)
R.S.S., XML, ATOM, Syndication Secrets Unleashed.
Configure BlogDelete Claim

Rank: 895,565 (3 links from 2 sites)

I am happy with the ranking 0f #3 and #4, I will now see which website is linking to mine. I just need to click on (3 links from 2 sites), and it brings me to another page.

Wow, I am very happy as I have 2 links from my own blogs, and a link from another blog: I added him to my favorites, as it is the first to link to me!

He added an intersting comment on Favorite Widgets, you can read it here: Dorion's comment

It is a very nice feature which let you display your favorites sites on your blog!

I just uploaded a photo to my account, it will be displayed with my blogs ech time someone find it! I have a lot of pictures in my computer, and I don't really know which one to use. It's really easy, anyone can do it: you click Browse, then you go in your Picture folder in your computer, you click on the picture you want to add then click upload, and that's it.

I finally decided to upload a palm tree cartoon picture, as I leave in front of the beach (I can't leave at more than 500 meters than the sea...)

Whenever I need to think, I go to the beach...

Ok let's come back to Technorati:

In my accont I click on Search, and I found a very interesting page, I learned something new:

Search the Live Web

Currently tracking 36.9 million sites and 2.3 billion links.

Technorati lets you search sites that update with extreme frequency, like blogs and news. Unlike other engines, our results are individual posts (portions of pages), so they're more specific. Search results are listed newest to oldest, and are often only minutes old!

When you are searching, your search results is post from different blogs.

You can also see the last top searches results.
You have 3 different ways to search:
#1: Keyword Search
#2: Website URL Search
#3: Tag Search

At he bottom of your search, you will also find some useful websites links.

Happy search on Technorati, and don't forget to claim your sites!

New Blogger.
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At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your article is very informative and helped me further.

Thanks, David

At 7:37 AM, Blogger Administrator said...

I'm happy that you learned something from it.

Thank you for passing by.


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