Tuesday, April 18, 2006

RSS Feeds Day 3.

Welcome back,

I am Getting more tips everydays, I really like to learn. This is what I did last week:

After reading the articles I post in a previous post, I submitted my blog 2 yahoo.com.
I signed up in my yahoo page, and I was now able to see my feed in direct. as I am registered with Feedburner.com, I don't need to notify yahoo of my blog's update, because Pingshot notify automatically, almost 30 minutes after I published my post.

I am Surfing with Firefox, I am a Firefox addicted... I wrote an article on Firefox, you can read it Here: My Firefox Article.

Why I am telling you that? Because I have discovered that you can also read your feeds in your Firefox Browser!
I didn't know that when I wrote the article, so you will not find anything about feeds in the article.
I will add that you just need 1 click to save your feed in your Live Bookmark in your personal toolbar. Really easy...
How: when you are on the site, you see a small orange sign in your browser(on the right side). Just click on it, then a popup window will apear: save as Live Bookmark.

Tip: Create a folder for all your feeds in your Personal Toolbar, Keep organized.

So now I know how you can read your feed with a web based newsreeder (aggregator).
I use both my yahoo and Firefox to read my feeds...

Until then...

P.S: I also spend time with my other WordPress blogs, it's becoming easier now, and they do have a good support forum.


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