Monday, February 27, 2006

Build your website easily with

Step # 1:

For Ali: When you are logged on in your member area, in your account manager, scroll down and you will see a small house, click on: manage hosting (under Hosting and Domains).
you are now in your website hosting account manager.

You will be asked then to choose a domain name(see my previous post if you don' t know what is a domain name), then you will choose the wizard to build your website easily(if you are a newbie and don' t know HTML), otherwise, you can take the file manager if you are advanced webmaster.

Step #2:

Well, in wizard now, follow the rules step by step, and you shouldn 't have any problem.

You will have 2 choices:
1/Build your website from Theme (Quick build from themes).
2/Build your website from layouts ( custom build from layouts).
Choose the one you prefer, and follow the steps.

If you had any difficulties, just let a comment on My Blog, and I will help you.

Have a look at what I did in less than 20 minutes!

The only Problem I face with Bravenet FREE WEBSITE is their advertising at the top... If you don' t want to see their advertising above, you got to upgrade, in other words, Pay!
All the free website will put their advertisment on your FREE website.
Look at another site I did with tripod: Click here
it has also tripod' s publicity...


If you are an a shoestring budget, build a free website, but if you can afford it, I advise you to pay for your hosting; it is definitivly the best solution.

A good Idea is to use your FREE website in the beginning, and after you made some sales, upgrade your account to a paid website, this is the choice of serious professional marketers.

I hope that was helpful.
Feel free to let your comment.

P.S: Ali, look at the top left of the website, above the picture, and click on the short link : Chat to enter in my Chat room. Go from Here: Click now.


At 1:32 AM, Blogger ali said...

Thankyou Abutalha for guiding me through this website builder but the thing is 'you cannot get anything free in the world'

At 2:42 AM, Blogger ali said...

Ya aboutalha why aren't you updating your blog!!!!!!!!???????
What about your martialarts website.

At 12:04 PM, Blogger Administrator said...

wa alaika salam
I am very busy with my other websites,
martial art will come soon...

salam alaika

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