Sunday, February 26, 2006

How to Jumpstart your Online Business?

To start your business online, you need 4 crucial elements.

Element #1: Domain Name.

A Domain Name is your adress in the cyberspace, people will find you with your domain name. For example: is my Domain Name.
So people will find me on the web by taping or pasting into their browser.
Your Domain Name is your adress in the Cyberspace, as your full name now, or you p.o. box!
You May choose one or more domain names, there is no restriction.
You can grab your domain name at for less than $10 a year.

Element #2: Website.

A website is a file, it is a folder containing webpages and images.
I remember, a couple of years before, it was really difficult, but not impossible to build a website, but because of the HTML fear, people were afraid and thought that only experienced web designers could do a website...
Today, we are in a totally different situation, everybody can do a website!
How? Very simple: Wysiwyg ( What you see is what you get). Yes it is true, you can do a website without knowing a singe tag of HTML. Rather, you build it as you were taping a document in Ms Words.
You can find very good free HTML editor like:
- Mozilla ( you find it at
- Cvnu ( find at

Element #3: Web Hosting

Once you got your domain name and your website, you will need a webhost. Your webhosting will make sure that your website is available whenever someone search for it. Without webhosting, nobody will find your website, because it is only on your desktop.
If you are serious about your businessonline, you will definitivly opt for a good paid web hosting.
See :
(it is in fact my web hosting, and I recommand them)

What about Free webhosting?
If you can' t afford that or you just want to see if having a website is for you first, don' t worry, who said that you got to pay?
You will find free webhosting at:

Element #4 : Autoresponder

Coming Soon...


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