Wednesday, August 16, 2006

RSS Feed , XML, ATOM & Syndication Tutorial

If you are new to RSS, XML, Syndication, you are at the right place to learn.

When you leave this blog, you will know the meaning of all those terms.

What is a feed?

A "feed" is a summary of Web content that is updated on a regular basis. It allows users to keep informed of a Web site's latest changes. RSS is a format which means Really Simple Syndication (RSS) 2.0.
Feeds help website owners to make content more accessible, and they allow surfers to easily see new content. A summary or "headline" view lets you quickly scan recent content changes, and headlines are linked to their appropriate content.

1- RSS Tutorial

Read this article to know all the basics:

# What is RSS?

* What is Atom?
* The RSS Format (example)
* Glossary

# What Can I do with RSS?

* Displaying Headlines on Other Websites
* Search Engines
* RSS Aggregators
o Why Use an Aggregator?
o Choosing an Aggregator
o Aggregators and Atom
o What is OPML?

Click here To Learn now: Complete RSS Tutorial

You can also read YaHoo RSS Tutorial

After reading that, I am sure that now you are more comfortable with RSS, XML & Syndication.

You have now enough knowledge to add a feed to Yahoo News reader.

If you want to get the last updates of my Blog, just add My feed into your reader.
You can get my feed by scrolling a little bit, and you will see an orange button on the right sidebar. Just click on it, then click on my yahoo.

See how it's easy?

Last Updated: August 16 2006

P.S: Don't forget to add my blog to your yahoo reader!



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