Sunday, December 03, 2006

Marlon Sanders Design Dashboard: Win your Ipod!

Marlon Sanders released The Design Dasboard and he is giving away 10 Ipods! See how you can win yours here: Win an Ipod now.

What is the design dashboard?

The Design Dashboard can take a newbie with no design or graphic knowledge, and transform him into a strong webdesigner in no time.

If you are blogging like me, you may not like to mess up with html and other CSS...

Look at an example of site created with Marlon Sanders design dashboard: The Design Dashbord website. It's awesome. You will be able to create a website like this one in no time.

Imagine, you can create your own websites just by clicking on a few buttons. No need to get a designer anymore.

If you want to build a website, the design dashboard can help you. See yourself here: Marlon Sanders design dashboard.


Design Dashboard By Marlon sanders.


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