Tuesday, May 09, 2006

RSS Blog Explosion: Day 3

It's easy to register to Blog Explosion, and in 24h, they review your blog and send you an email to let you know if they approved it or not.

What you get there?

You can earn Blog Traffic by surfing other members blogs(you got all the links on the left navigation bar). It's clear without any confusion.

It is a blog exchange. You surf other people blog, and with your credits, they will surf your blog. you can get subscribers to your feed like that, if surfers find your blog useful and interesting.

To be sure that people will actually see your blog, there is a system of numbers(anti-sheat). So robots or software can't click.

While surfing, you can blogmark it. (you save the blog to view it later).
You can also rent a blog, while you are surfing.

A very good feature is that you can surf by categories, you will see only blogs on a topic you choose per advance.

Here is some of the free features you can get at blog explosion:

* FREE Blog Counter
* FREE image hosting
* Member Forums
* My Headlines
* My Blog Directory NEW!
* Ping My Blog
* Blog Reader FREE!

More on rent a blog tomorrow...

Franck Blogger.
P.S: They just added a new feature: Ask an Expert.
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